We aspire every day to be more sustainable.  Our constant research and development brings us closer every day, and we are definitely proud of how far we’ve come, and the rapid pace in which we are reaching our goal.  Read our current status and aspirations below.


Scarves don’t have a dress size, and can be worn with everything from a tshirt to a blouse, and any way from around your neck to tied over a handbag.  They are seasonless and loyal. No one is left out, and we love seeing all of the ways in which our dedicated customer base styles them.


Every piece comes from the mind of Sarah Donofrio.  Having a background in corporate fast fashion, she was always asked “what’s your inspiration?” about every print or style she designed.  In mass market-ese, this meant they didn’t want originality- they wanted proven pieces that were profitable. Don’t create anything new and interesting, let’s knock off what everyone else is doing.  

While not every scarf or robe will be a #1 hit, the freedom to create something unique, and the opportunity to bring it to market is one of the most satisfying roles to play  in the fashion industry. Every piece is an original illustration, print and work of art from her mind and her world, and by investing in her prints and pieces, you are also investing in the future of original design.


All samples and small batch units are made on the West Coast US by the designer, and a small team of women who are paid so that both them and the designer can financially thrive.


“Being from the corporate world, I was made to think it was impossible to turn a profit unless we could get the labor cost down to mere dollars and cents, therefore taking food out of an already disadvantaged persons mouth.  Once I discovered that this was just greed, my first mission became to ensure that no one was being taken advantage of in this respect. My staff is paid well above market standard, and, my prices, though needing to reflect that, are set at a place where my customers and brands admirers can afford lasting pieces.”- Sarah


Our silks are made in China and sent to our printer in NYC.  We buy in small quantities, to ensure as little waste as possible, and leftover pieces are donated to fashion students or used for smaller accessories such as scrunchies and makeup bags.  

Buying in smaller minimums allows us to keep a tighter control on quality, but it is our mission and struggle every day to find a way to produce and print fabric closer to home, while still being able to offer our customers fair prices, and also for us to continue to stay in business.  This is something we are working on, and your support of our brand will help us get to where we want to be, hopefully very soon.